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Patent Pick: Millimeter Matters

Want your scent to last? Or your flavor to blast—at the right moment? According to this Symrise patent, the evenness of particle size distribution is at the heart of this controlled-release matter.

How Does Age Affect Body Malodor? Persimmon Extract May Help

Personal care products containing persimmon extract for mature consumers experiencing body malodor may provide a lucrative opportunity for fragrance companies.

Patent Pick: Second Scent

Just as you've settled in and adapted to one familiar scent—bam! The second scent in this dual air freshener invention hits you, with a synergistic pairing that's selectively released.

Patent Pick: Trigger Happy

What's a good way to identify receptor/ligand pairs that respond to scent or taste stimuli? University of Geneva inventors are "trigger happy" over a new in vivo answer, described in this patent application.

Patent Pick: Lemon Rose

A rose by any other name would be ... lemon? The inventor on this patent application has developed a yellow rose variety that emits lemony fragrance.

Patent Pick: Scent that Sticks

Fragrances with extended effects have long been sought. This water-proof/sweat-proof scented cosmetic invention by Coty may prove to be something that "sticks."

Patent Pick: Fragrant Emission

Is global warming raising body odor? Or does world conflict mandate new aromatherapy systems to subdue stress? I ask because this is the second time in two days that we've covered some novel scent delivery invention.

Patent Pick: Sniffer Clip

Smelly co-worker? or carpool pal? No problem, just attach this newly invented "sniffer clip" invention to enjoy aromatherapy at point-blank range.

Endpoint. Connecting the Dots in F&F

My role for Perfumer & Flavorist is to procure and put forth relevant scientific content and observations to advance your formulations for improved F&F applications. So what you’ll find here are some interesting points I’ve observed that could connect to your overall larger project “constellation.”

P&G Discloses List of Fragrance Ingredients Not Used

Procter & Gamble has disclosed a list of more than 140 chemicals not used in any fragrances in its brands.

Bell Senses Trending Scents

Bell Flavors & Fragrances announces a variety of new fragrance compositions for 2016.

Chemical Characterization of Vanilla pompona Scheide, Part IV

Vanilla pompona is resistant to climate change and diseases, and therefore is preferred for hybridization with V. planifolia. Its chemical characterization was carried out in a series of studies, described in this last of four parts.

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