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Fragrance Designs by Marc Rosen Honored at Glamour Icons Exhibit

“As with fashion design, the creation of cosmetic packing is an art form. Marc Rosen broke this barrier that for too long has separated the worlds of art and design."

Ingredients and Regulations in the Air at EFEO Annual General Meeting

The European Federation of Essential Oils met in Paris to discuss popular ingredients such as bergamot and sandalwood, regulatory issues and ensuring quality during its annual General Assembly meeting on June 12, 2017.

Calling All Fragrance Artists, WPC Wants You

The World Perfumery Congress (WPC) has announced its first-ever art exhibit for its 2018 event. Artists looking to showcase their artistic work are encouraged to submit exhibit proposals.

Featured Job: Sales Manager for Omega Ingredients

Omega Ingredients is looking to hire a sales manager to help with its expansion in the U.S. markets. Candidates should have a passion for sales and be aware of the U.S. flavor and fragrance market.

Upholding the World's Most Ancient Fragrance Tradition

When it comes to fragrance tradition, India is where it all began. Krishnaraj Iyengar features one of the country’s oldest traditional perfumeries upholding the country’s millennia-old scented legacy.

[Podcast] The Art and Industry of Niche Fragrances

What's the niche fragrance industry all about? Perfumer Darryl Do shares his perspective on what it takes to create an indie fragrance in a highly competitive market.

Patent Pick: Isopulegol Arousal

We consumers take things too seriously. This is evident from the growing demand for products that boost our morale or relax us. While marketers offer numerous (profitable) solutions, perhaps good, old-fashioned fragrance is the answer; that's what a new patent application suggests.

Spice and Seasoning Market Kicks It Up a Notch

A recent report projected that the U.S spice and seasoning market will grow at a CAGR of 6.79%, attributed to strong growth in organic products and uses in perfume.

What's That Smell? P&G to Disclose Over 2000 Fragranced Products' Ingredients

"We’re providing more information about fragrance ingredients because we believe this will build even greater trust in the quality and safety of all of our products.”

Raw Material of the Week: Indole

Being no stranger to the F&F industry, indole is found in most florals. Natural Advantage is offering natural indole which is also applicable to other flavors and fragrances such as vanilla, chocolate, hazelnut and more.

Editor’s Note: An Expanding Palette

For centuries, humanity has waxed poetic on the diversity and versatility of nature. If nature were a painter’s palette and the colors represented our current uses of nature’s bounty, then we are only using a corner of that palette.

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