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Sandalwood Notes in Perfumery

Société Française des Parfumeurs event celebrates the versatility of natural and synthetic sandalwood materials.

Oriental Scents Strong Trend in Home Care Fragrance in Middle East, Africa

Euromonitor analyst Anaïs Mirval says traditional oriental scents, Oud in particular, are enjoying growing popularity in laundry detergents in the Middle East and Africa.

Ecomare Finds Ambergris in Sperm Whale

The carcass of the sperm whale that washed ashore on a sandbank off Texel in the Netherlands in December has led to a discovery of ambergris, a rare substance similar to musk which is used in creating perfume and fragrance.

Fragrance Market Smelling Sweet in Brazil

Euromonitor looks at the growth possibilities for the premium fragrance market in Brazil, urged on by the Internet and lower unit prices.

IFRA Updates Transparency List

The updated list reflects the addition of 180 new fragrance ingredients (including 45 brand new materials and 135 already in the RIFM database but previously used only as flavor ingredients) and 182 ingredients that were removed from the transparency list.

Symrise Launches Laundry Perfume Oils Well-suited for Detergents

According to Symrise, SymCap K LD securely encloses the fragrance and releases it onto the fabric through friction or light pressure—even months later.

Progress in Essential Oils

Peppermint oil, galangal oil and kapurkachri oil.

Innovation for the Future of the Fragrance Industry

Facing significant threats, fragrance requires an innovation intervention.

Givaudan Protects Provence’s “Blue Gold”

The ingredients supplier is collaborating with local groups to secure the quality of lavender.

Seven Forecasts Spring-Summer 2014 Fragrance Trends

Seven expects floral, fruity and gourmand notes will influence next year’s fragrance compositions.

Report: Global Fragrances, Perfumes Market To Reach $45.6B by 2018

Global Industry Analysts predicts that growth from developing regions including Asia-Pacific and Latin America will be the "single largest factor propelling the fragrances market in the coming years."

EU Bans Animal-tested Cosmetic Ingredients

The European Commission has completely phased out animal testing for cosmetic products and cosmetic ingredients in Europe, even for the most complex human health effects. New animal-tested cosmetics can't be sold in the EU.

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