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Odor Representation Changes After the First Breath, Study Finds

A recent study has found that representation of an odor in the olfactory bulb changes after the first breath, and that an olfactory retentivity persists at the central level, a phenomenon comparable to what occurs in other sensory systems, such as vision and hearing.

Italian Fragrance Market Growth Not to Exceed 2% Until 2017

Economic pressures are weighing down results; men's fragrances are expected to grow more than women's fragrances, but not by much, Canadean says.

Report: Consumer Spend Cutback Hurts France's Fragrance Market Growth

France’s Fragrance market, the second most important sector in the country’s health and beauty industry, will witness slower growth as French consumers reduce their spending in an effort to save more, Canadean says.

The Last Word: Fragrance as Consumer Influencer

"Fragrance is one of the key elements of personal care and home care products,” says Dominique Bession, category brand fragrance manager at Unilever.

Progress in Essential Oils

Schinus molle L. fruit and leaf oils.

Lavender: a Perfumer's Perspective

Taking a new look at a classic ingredient.

Trend Spotting: Ungerer Taps British Tea-Inspired Fragrances for 2014

Ungerer expects gourmand scents inspired by the British tradition of afternoon tea to be a key driver in fragrance for 2014.

Gourmand Fragrances Make a Splash in Bath and Body

Spring/summer trends include gourmand-inspired bath products in scents such as Caramel Waffle, Lemon Pie, Cherry Tart and Blueberry Muffin.

Report: Fragrances Among Top Three Health and Beauty Sectors in Russia

Women's fragrances in Russia held the majority of the sector in 2012 although the report predicts that due to the blurring boundaries between women's and men's fragrances, men's fragrances will grow ahead of categories in that sector.

Formulation Story: The Scent of Heritage Woodland

A perfumery collaboration comprising fir balsam absolute, patchouli a l’ancienne, Highland Myrtle oil and more.

The Last Word: From Functionality to Mystique—Perfumers on Ingredients

Perfumers discuss their favorite ingredients, their effects and the ways in which they work with the palette.

Progress in Essential Oils

This edition discusses the chemical components of catnip oil.

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