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Progress in Essential Oils

Sage oil and Wild African Sage Oil.

Grapefruit Flower

Origins, composition, use and more.


Black currant odorants are desirable olfactory agents for perfume compositions.

Fragrance and Dementia

Innovative fragrance therapy is increasingly being used to enrich the lives of those suffering from dementia by supporting engagement, alertness and appetite stimulation.

The Last Word

Perfumers on ingredients and formulation.

Progress in Essential Oils

Maté extract, Litsea cubeba oil, cumin oil and coriander seed oil.

The Other Sense: Fragrance as Art Form

Museum of Art and Design exhibition belies fragrance’s unique subjectivity, giving perfumery its creative due.

Chance Favors the Prepared Mind: Readying the Fragrance Industry's Next Generation

How the once secretive an arcane process of entering the fragrance industry is evolving.

RIFM Issues Eight Flavor or Fragrance Ingredient Data Sheets

Includes benzaldehyde, α-Methylbenzyl alcohol, p-tert-Butylcyclohexanone, Anisole, Valeraldehyde, l-.alpha.-Pinene, l-.β.-Pinene and 4-Hydroxybutanoic acid lactone.

NPD Group: 2012 U.S. Prestige Beauty Grew 7% in Dollar Sales

Investment spending on premium-priced makeup, skin care and fragrance, as well as premium-priced sets, spurs growth once again.

Pressure Looms on Costs Related to Raw Materials, Elixens Group Says

Difficulties include regulatory constraints and global world inflation driven by natural disasters and the rise in energy and transportation costs.

Highlights from the XXXIst International Days of Essential Oils & Extracts

Raw materials from South America, fern aromas, floral waters, regulatory pressures, the evolution of perfumery and more.

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