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The Power of Nostalgia

By: Meredith Hollihan, Mintel
Posted: January 18, 2010

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Orca Beverage Soda Works, a bottler and distributor of specialty beverages in the United States, launched its range of American Classic Sodas in a variety pack. The American Classic Sodas pack comprises of four variants, each of which derives from a classic US soda brand: Dad’s Classic Draft Root Beer, Bubble Up in Lemon & Lime, Nesbitt’s and NuGrape Soda. The Dad’s Classic Draft Root Beer drink is available in its original formula dating to 1937. Bubble Up in Lemon & Lime reminds adults of the days when they drank this pop as a child. Nesbitt’s of California bottled its first Original Orange in 1938. Positioned as “a flavor you can’t forget!”, NuGrape was originally available in 1921. The American Classic Sodas range’s traditional glass bottle formats also portray an old-school feel for the drinks.

As consumers move forward in the start of 2010, there will also be opportunity to revel in pleasant memories from the past. To lessen the worries of distressed consumers in face of economical downturn, manufacturers will continue altering their existing brands or introducing new items that embrace a nostalgic feel.

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