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The Functionality Factor

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This is only an excerpt of the full article that appeared in P&F Magazine. The full content is not currently available online.

Today’s consumers are more in tune to their bodies than ever before, with many seeking products that will further enhance their physical, mental and emotional condition. Globally, functional foods and beverages have been exhibiting growth across categories, demonstrating rising interest in products that promote health and general wellbeing. Many consumers believe that the consumption of a food or drink item should provide a benefit. Thus, functionality, from a health standpoint, has become a key measure that individuals use to justify their food and beverage choices.

A Clearer State of Mind

“Lack of clarity and sharpness” is a common complaint among stressed or tired adults. Overbooked schedules, married with generally hectic lifestyles, leave many feeling disorganized and clouded in their thought processes. Recognizing this group’s need for improved cognitive functioning, manufacturers have responded by designing products that healthfully stimulate brain activity.

For instance, in Canada, a niche manufacturer of functional beverages called MD Drinks has introduced its Brainiac variant in a Carambola Punch flavor. In a market overflowing with functional beverages, MD Drinks’ Function Brainiac stands out for its adoption of the dietary supplement “ginkgo biloba”—a leaf that can increase cognitive functioning, according to health studies. In fact, consumers seeking supplements to improve their mental clarity have long relied on ginkgo biloba. Now, with Function Brainiac, those hoping to develop their brain health can consume ginkgo biloba in a tastier and more pleasant format. Moreover, the ingredients housed in Function Brainiac combine to improve the mind’s memory, mental clarity and mood.

For a Healthy Heart

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