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Canada's Domestic Substances List

Posted: November 16, 2006

FEMA Regulatory Affairs Committee has announced that on Saturday, November 11, the Minister of the Environment of Canada gave notice that the Agency intends to delete 1,105 substances from the Domestic Substances List which, as the result of an audit, were discovered not to have met the criteria prescribed in subsection 66(1) of the Canadian Environmental Protection Act. A provisional list of these substances can be found at

Interested parties have 180 days to provide comments, during which time anyone who objects to the deletion of a substance should provide proof that the substance proposed for deletion meets the criteria prescribed in subsection 66(1) of the Act. This information should be provided using Part A of the form (for all forms click here) for each substance of interest, attaching the information and substantiating documentation.

For substances for which the above substantiation cannot be made but which are known to be currently in Canadian commerce or used for commercial manufacturing purposes in Canada, interested parties should provide substantiating information using Part B of the form which gives the following:

  • an indication to the effect that the substance is manufactured in or imported into Canada in quantities greater than 100 kg, 1,000 kg, 10,000 kg or 50,000 kg annually
  • the nature of the substance's uses

It should also be noted that the Minister of the Environment will consider adding to the Non-domestic Substances List any deleted substances from the Domestic Substances List at the same time as deletions from the Domestic Substances List take place. Such addition, however, will mean that volumetric tracking of the future use of these substances in Canada will be required. 

For all forms, click here