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Organoleptic Characteristics of Flavor Materials

By: Gerard Mosciano
Posted: September 10, 2007, from the September 2007 issue of P&F magazine.

Materials evaluated: Acetoin (O’Laughlin Industries Inc.); Chickory Extract (A.M. Todd Co./Moore Ingredients); Dimethyl Disulfide (Oxford Chemicals Ltd.); Hazelnut CO2 Extract (Cargill Flavor Systems); 3,4-Hexanedione (O’Laughlin Industries Inc.); Lemon Water Phase (MCI Miritz Citrus Ingredients LLC); Menthyl 3-Hydroxy Butyrate (Oxford Chemicals Ltd.); 2-Nonanol (Cargill Flavor Systems); Pink Grapefruit Oil (The Lebermuth Co. Inc.); Rooibos Extract (Cargill Flavor Systems); gamma-Valerolactone (WEN International Inc.); Vanilla Concentrate FR Bourbon Solid Extract (Frutarom); Vanilla 10 X Pure Extract (Virginia Dare).

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