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Organoleptic Characteristics of Flavor Materials

By: Gerard Mosciano
Posted: June 20, 2007, from the July 2007 issue of P&F magazine.

In this monthly column, senior flavorist Gerard Mosciano describes the odor, taste and suggested applications for several materials.

sec. Butyl Amine from SAFC FEMA# 4240, CAS# 13952-84-6 is a nature identical ingredient. It occurs naturally in Camembert cheese and cocoa. Its odor at 0.1% exhibits slight ammonialike, cooked fishy, dried squidlike with vegetative notes and soylike nuances. Its taste at 40 ppm exhibits sweet fishy, ammonialike with woody and creamy cheesy nuances. Possible applications include fish flavors, meat and fried food, camembert and cheddar cheese and soy.

This edition also features organoleptic evaluations on Chicory Extract (Moore Ingredients/A.M. Todd); 2,6-Dimethyl-4-Heptanol (SAFC); 1-Ethyl Hexyl Tiglate (SAFC); 4-Ethyl Octanoic Acid (Treatt USA) and more.

This is only an excerpt of the full article that appeared in P&F Magazine. The full content is not currently available online.