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Flavor compounds: Meaty Aromas, Part II

Hongyu Tian, Baoguo Sun, Mingquan Huang and Yuping Liu, Beijing Technology and Business University

This characteristic structural unit can be further classified into six subclasses (F-1) according to different bonding forms.

In order to verify our presumption, four series of compounds were synthesized in our lab, including 1-alkylthio-2- butanethiols, 1-alkylthio-2-butanols, 2-mehtoxy butyl alkyl sulfides and 1-alkylthio-2-butanones. They have the characteristic structural unit a, b and e individually, as shown in F-1. The odor characteristics of these compounds were evaluated by flavorists.

Odor characteristics of: 1-alkylthio-2-butanethiols, 1-alkylthio-2-butanols, 2-methoxy butyl alkyl sulfides, 1-alkylthio-2-butanones

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