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Organoleptic Characteristics of Flavor Materials

Contact Author Judith Michalski, Bell Flavors & Fragrances
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In this monthly column, senior flavorist Judith Michalski describes the odor, taste and suggested applications for several materials.

For example, Robertet's cocoa extract on PG, GRAS, CAS# 8002-31-1, natural, exhibits a dark cocoa-like, sweet, roasted, powdery and slightly tobacco-like odor at 100%. Its taste at 0.05% is characterized by a dark cocoa-like, brown and musty flavor. Taste at 0.10% exhibits a dark cocoa-like, bitter and roasted flavor. Possible applications include chocolate-type flavors, including mocha, mole, red velvet and devil’s food cake.

This edition also features, 10 fold Indonesian pure vanilla Extract VAN1015, 10 fold Madagascar bourbon pure vanilla extract VAN115, 32 fold vanilla concentrate VAN195, lovage root oil R21004, premium black tea extract TEA385, premium green tea extract TEA365, sureau absolute SA-1021 and wolfberry (goji) distillate GOJ891.

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