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Progress in Essential Oils

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Rosemary Oil and Extract

Serrano et al. (2002) collected spontaneously growing rosemary plants from five different areas (Serpa, Portel, Sousel, Portalegre and Erora) of the inland region of Alentejo (Portugal). Each of these plants was grown from the vegetative material in an experimental garden, harvested when in full flower and subjected to water distillation in the laboratory. Analyses by GC and GC/MS of the oils that originated from the five areas revealed that they possessed similar compositions being rich in myrcene, 1,8-cineole and camphor (see T-1).

Rosemary oil was reported to contain a range of 1,8-cineole from 12.0–47.0% (Vincenzi et al. 2002).

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