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IFF Demos Natural Beef Flavors

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Grilled Beef
This is only an excerpt of the full article that appeared in P&F Magazine. The full content is not currently available online.

Following the launch of its natural beef flavor range, IFF (New York) held press demos in creative centers in Hilversum, The Netherlands and South Brunswick, New Jersey. The flavors are based on culinary benchmarks created by the company's international team of research chefs. The line has been launched globally, though the flavor profiles have been localized to the taste preferences of different regions. The beef flavors are intended for use in bouillon, soups, gravies, marinades and noodles.

Teresa Supnet-Rosa, North American category marketing director, told attendees in South Brunswick that, “Our research showed that North American consumers most liked the comforting, nostalgic, home-cooked qualities associated with grilled, roasted and braised flavor profiles, so these formed the basis of our offerings for this region.” She added that the range is based on traditional preparation and cooking methods and is MSG-free, HVP-free and allergen-free.

At the Hilversum demo, Jos Muilwijk, IFF’s global category director of savory, introduced flavor profiles that include rare, marrow bone, boiled, roast, grilled and stewed beef for the European market.

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IFF Team

Kevin McDermott, Brian Grainger, Teresa Supnet-Rosa and Andrew Livermore

Master chef Florian Webhofer

Florian Webhofer

Executive chef Kevin McDermott

Kevin McDermott

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