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Oral Care Flavor Trends: Mint, Herbs and Fruit

Posted: February 19, 2008

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Getting Herb-y With It

As people increasingly show preference for natural and organic personal care products, botanical and herbal flavors have remained strong in oral care new product development. “Natural-sounding” flavors and ingredients make many consumers feel more at ease using mouthwash and toothpaste products. In particular, botanical ingredients appear to be common for their breath-freshening properties. 

Hangzhou Lejin Cosmetics in China features a Healthy Breathing Toothpaste under its LG Bamboo Salt brand. The packaging claims that its natural ingredients and preparation methods help it effectively clean teeth, prevent tooth decay, strengthen gums and refresh the mouth. It contains phytoncide extracted from pine needles. 

In Russia, Kalina likewise uses natural forest ingredients for its Forest Balsam Mouth Rinse with Fir. Approved by dentists and designed to fight stomatorrhagia, the mouthwash contains extracts of silver fir, aloe vera and echinacea for natural breath-freshening and mouth-cleansing capabilities. Forest Balsam brand also features a Mouth Rinse with Sage Extract in Russia.

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