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Trends in Mint, Part 2: Applications

By: Vincent Handon and Gillian Bleimann
Posted: February 24, 2012, from the March 2012 issue of P&F magazine.

Looking at existing products on the market, it can be seen that the primary driver of consumer behavior is newness. This newness includes various mint blends along with other traditional non-mint products. The authors have compiled a list of current fl avor profi les below. Future demand for these new items will depend on how the new fl avors perform on the market after initial launch. Lists of mint and mint-friendly profi les in recent product launches appear in T-1 and T-2. Additional important effects on the market include the impact from China and India, most signifi cantly the effect of the Multi Commodity Exchange of India.

Mint Profiles

In helping clients achieve a unique fl avor twist in their products, the following are some of the profi les the authors’ company has worked with.

Gum Profiles

Sometimes, in gum and oral care products, the descriptive title of a product clearly reveals the desired sensory quality—e.g., Powerful, Clean, Gentle, Cooling. Additionally, a huge new trend is flavors that change over time from one profile to another. One current major theme in chewing gum is to have the user experience be a sensation. Other developments include a fusion of two or more flavors; nutrition delivery; guilt-free dessert replacement; and, in one case, a new celebrity endorsement. Of course, breath freshening remains a major theme as well.

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