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Vodka Mixes it up with a Twist of Flavor

Posted: June 26, 2007

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According to Menu Insights, the martini is presently the vodka drink of choice. Vanilla is the number one flavor of vodka used in all martinis, and it is closely followed by citron and raspberry. Stolichnaya and Absolut top the list of brands, with Stoli Vanil being the vanilla vodka most frequently used and Absolut Citron the most popular citrus variety.

Menu Insights also highlights some exciting and influential newcomers, including flavors such as mandarin and blood orange, wild/mixed berries and mango. Innovative and enticing flavor combinations are continuously being created in order to satisfy the consumer’s thirst for variety. A quick search of the Menu Insight’s database gives us a taste of what the end of 2006 had to offer.

The Orange Crush, presented by Janos Restaurant, includes a combination of Domaine Charbay Blood Orange vodka, Alize Passion Fruit liqueur and fresh squeezed orange juice garnished with an orange slice.

Claim Jumper restaurants highlight the Black Opal, consisting of Smirnoff Raspberry Twist vodka, Finlandia Cranberry vodka, Dekuyper Wildberry schnapps, Pucker Sour Apple schnapps, Bols blue curacao and cranberry juice. Claim Jumper also offers a cocktail they refer to as a Girls’ Night Out. This drink packs a sweet punch, with Absolut Mandarin vodka, Absolut Citron vodka, Finlandia Cranberry vodka, passion fruit syrup, fresh lemonade and cranberry juice.

Dave and Buster’s also has a few notable concoctions. Absolut APeach on a Beach, created at the San Antonio, TX, location, is a mix of Absolut APeach vodka and DeKuyper Razzmatazz, plus cranberry juice, topped off with a blue raspberry sugar rim. Meanwhile, The Fruit Chew touts SKYY Melon vodka and banana liqueur under Red Bull and DeKuyper Island Blue Pucker. Mixologists in Providence, RI, are given credit for the Pink Monkey Freeze, a decadent, chilly fusion of Stoli Ohranj vodka with banana liqueur, butterscotch schnapps, strawberries and ice cream.