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Superfruit Flavors: Beyond Beverages

Posted: September 2, 2008

With their robust nutrition profiles, high antioxidant content and purported disease-fighting capabilities, superfruits have gained much notoriety in recent years across food and beverage segments alike. Mainstream superfruits including cranberry and blueberry have remained popular accompaniments to emerging superfruit varieties. Once found predominately in juices and other natural beverages, superfruits are enjoying newfound popularity in a growing number of unconventional categories including snack foods, alcoholic beverages, yogurt, cooking sauces and energy drinks. Pomegranate and açai are two of the most well-known and fastest growing superfruits, increasing 980% and 2,740%, respectively, between 2004 and 2007, according to Mintel GNPD. As these fruits continue this trajectory, traditional varieties are being joined by several emerging superfruits that are likely to further appeal to health-conscious consumers.

Goji Berry Going Strong

Goji berry incorporations in food and beverage have experienced meteoric global growth in recent years, with 2008 goji product launches set to eclipse those of 2007. Also known as the wolfberry, this powerful superfruit is rich in protein, vitamins, calcium, phosphorus and iron and has been touted for its purported ability to improve vision and nourish kidneys, among other benefits.

In Canada, Gloji released Goji & Pomegranate Beverage under the Gloji Mix brand. This drink claims to "make you glow" and is available in a bottle in the shape of a light bulb. This all natural product is free from added sugar, colors and preservatives. In the United States, Nutritious Living Antioxidant Indulgence breakfast cereal claims to support a healthy immune system by supporting the body's natural defense against free radicals. This cereal contains dark chocolate and goji berries to enhance its antioxidant content.

Mangosteen Gaining Steam