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Subscription Questions

How do I subscribe to Perfumer & Flavorist magazine?
Visit www.PerfumerFlavorist.com/subscribe.
What are the options/prices for a subscription to the magazine?
We have different options to give you the most suitable plan. Please see the options and prices listed below.
Subscription LengthPrint & Digital
Print & Digital
Digital Only
All Countries
1 year (12 issues) $169 $199 $95
2 years (24 issues) $299 $359 $169
How do I purchase a single copy of Perfumer & Flavorist magazine?
Single issues are $30 each. To order, contact customer service: 336 Gundersen Drive, Suite A, Carol Stream, IL 60188; e-mail: customerservice@perfumerflavorist.com; tel: 1-866-366-9220; fax: 1-630-653-2192

Digital Edition Questions

How is a digital subscription different than a print subscription?
A digital subscription to Perfumer & Flavorist magazine is identical to the print subscription, except in delivery method. It contains exactly the same editorial content and advertising pages as the print edition. The digital edition is delivered via e-mail the same day the print magazine is mailed each month.
What are some reasons I might choose a digital subscription?
A digital subscription is a good option for you if:
  • magazine delivery is a problem in your area
  • you prefer to search for key words within an archive of issues
  • you like to read articles in a digital format
  • you would like to share relevant, individual articles electronically with colleagues
How are my digital issues delivered?
You will receive an e-mail each month notifying you that the next issue is available. The e-mail includes a link to the current issue.
Can I share the digital issue with my colleague(s)?
You can share individual articles with a colleague (via e-mail), but not the entire issue. Your colleague must be a subscriber in order to view the entire issue.
Can I download the digital issue? What file format is used?
Yes, you can download the issue. You have the option to select a .zip file or an .exe file.
Can I save/archive the digital issue?
Yes, you can archive each issue as it becomes available.
Can I print the digital issue?
Yes, you can print each article in the issue.

Advertising Questions

How do I advertise?
Contact Paige Crist, Account Executive, at pcrist@allured.com or visit www.perfumerflavorist.com/advertising.

Editorial Questions

How do I contact the Editor?
E-mail Deniz Atamanat dataman@allured.com. Read the Article Guidelines if you are interested in contributing to the P&Fnow newsletter or submitting an article for the magazine.
I have a question about Allured's Flavor and Fragrance Materials directory.
Contact Deniz Ataman, Managing Editor.