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Subscription Questions

How do I subscribe to Perfumer & Flavorist magazine?
Visit www.PerfumerFlavorist.com/subscribe and select your subscription type.
What are the available subscription terms and options available for P&F magazine?
Listed below are the subscription terms and options available for subscribers in the U.S. and throughout the world.


Within the U.S. (USD)

Outside the U.S. (USD)

Subscription term

All Access P&F Online
& Print

All Access P&F Online
& Digital

All Access P&F Online
& Print

All Access P&F Online
& Digital

1-year (12 issues)





2-year (24 issues)





Method of payments:  VISA | MasterCard| American Express | Checks | Wire Transfer |

Product classification:

Subscription Types


All Access P&F Online

All Access P&F Online contains archived print articles from past and current magazines, as well as web-exclusive content, videos, events coverage, enhanced articles and much more.


The digital magazine is delivered every month via email and is identical to the print version.


The print magazine is delivered in print form and is available on a monthly basis.
Note: International rates are higher due to shipping rates for countries outside of the U.S.

How do I purchase a single copy of Perfumer & Flavorist magazine?
Single issues are $30 each. To order contact:
Perfumer & Flavorist Customer Service
P.O. Box 3009
Northbrook, IL 60065-3009
E-mail: customerservice@perfumerflavorist.com; Tel: 1-866-366-9220; Fax: 1-847-291-4816

Where do I access the All Access P&F Online subscription?

Go to http://www.perfumerflavorist.com/magazine/

Go to the Current Issue section, followed by clicking on the “Table of Contents,” and

Lastly, you’ll be prompted to gain access by supplying your user ID and password

What are the key benefits of having an All Access P&F Online subscription?

  • Gain immediate access to more than 10 years of P&F content (1,994 articles!)
  • Instant access to P&F’s exclusive videos
  • The ability to search the entire P&F website for the most up-to-date, industry-related content
  • Bookmark your favorite sections
  • To be a part of the exclusive P&F’s community of readers
  • Receive special offers for webinars and events

What are the key benefits of having a digital magazine?

  • The printed magazine delivery is challenging within your region of the world
  • You prefer to read your favorite articles in a digital format from any device
  • You can search key words, download, share and print your favorite articles
  • Instant access to past issues — some may include videos!

What are the key benefits of having a print magazine?

  • You prefer to read your favorite articles in a printed format
  • You prefer to pass along a printed version with your co-workers

What is the difference between the print magazine and the digital magazine?

  • A digital subscription to Perfumer & Flavorist magazine is identical to the print subscription. The digital edition is delivered via e-mail the same day the print magazine is physically mailed each month. The same editorial content and advertising is present in the print and the digital edition. 

Advertising Questions

How do I advertise with Perfumer & Flavorist?
Contact Paige Crist, Account Executive, at pcrist@allured.com or visit www.perfumerflavorist.com/advertising.

Editorial Questions

How do I contact a Perfumer & Flavorist Editor?

Contact Deniz Ataman, managing editor, at dataman@allured.com. Interested in submitting an article for P&F magazine or newsletter? Read the Article Guidelines to become a contributor.