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Looking Deeper at Consumer Behaviors at Flavorcon

Flavorcon 2017 wrapped with a presentation from Fernando Gomez Gonzalez and Mindy Cultra about the importance of developing products based on consumer motivators.

Pour Me a Glass: RTD Beverage Global Trends

One of the hot topics at Flavorcon 2017 was the ever-changing RTD beverage market and how global influencers are changing innovation and demand.

Science, Technology and Consumer-Driven Regulations at Flavorcon 2017

Day two of Flavorcon's science and technology track featured presentations on consumer driven regulations, flavoring with modifying properties, carbon-based testing and reaction flavors.

A Sprinkle of Trends and Ingredients at Flavorcon 2017: Day Two

During the Ingredients, Formulations and Trends of Flavorcon 2017, presenters touched on nutritional trends, cinnamon and cassia and clean labels for meat and dairy.

A Taste for Ingredients at Flavorcon 2017: Day One

After the first day of Flavorcon 2017, attendees learned about ingredients, trends and formulas in confectionery and BBQ.

2018 and Beyond: Tech and Macro Trends Changing Flavor

Flavorcon 2017 started with a look into the crystal ball to see the flavor trends that will be in 2018 and beyond.

[Flavorcon 2017] Ingredion Formulates for a Cleaner Label

It's no secret that consumers are consistently looking into clean labels for foods and beverages. Ingredion is well aware of this trend and is working toward developing a cleaner label. Find out more at Flavorcon 2017.

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