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Health + Wellness = Latest F&F Trends

Posted: January 10, 2007

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According to Feygin, consumers are embracing a “youthful lifestyle” for a longer period of time while at the same time gender roles and product usage is blurring. In addition, well-being and fulfillment are becoming top priorities, embracing concepts of safety, simplicity and comfort.

“Fragrances are the emotional connection between the functional benefits of the product and lifestyle trends expressed by the product’s market positioning,” Feygin noted .

Finding comfort: Scents that are going to win are scents that make these connections most effectively. When it comes to health and wellness, fruit, citrus and tea notes dominate. Woody, milky (in oriental scents) and sweet (vanilla) notes, too, announce caring-warmth-wellness. Feygin’s examples included Boots Mediterranean Cucumber, Tomato, Olive Hand Wash and Avon’s mark. Self Sanctuary Shower Wash scented with white tea and vanilla.

Feygin pointed to a number of other key fragrances that reflect the notions of “beauty, fashion and an expression of lifestyle aspirations and emotions”: natural, gourmet (edible notes), Bohemian florals, natural healthy green, fruits, “romantic Orientals,” gender specific and “new niche.”

Edible notes: Gourmand scents “nourish, nurture, de-stress and fortify,” according to Feygin, imparting comfort and indulgence without the guilt. Don Giampetro (iTi tropicals) concurred, citing emerging “exotic” flavors such as the sweet-creamy-citrus mangosteen, acai berry and lychee fruit. These fruits provide not just novel flavor profiles, but also the promise of health benefits such as vitamin C, dietary fiber and antioxidants. But how do these translate from the flavor arena to fragrance?