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Balancing Trust and Excitement

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Karyn Khoury

Karyn Khoury, Estée Lauder.

This is only an excerpt of the full article that appeared in P&F Magazine. The full content is not currently available online.

At the recent CEW Women in Beauty series held in New York, Karyn Khoury, senior vice president, corporate fragrance development worldwide, Estée Lauder Companies, discussed current consumer needs and trends, and some winning strategies to explore.

In the backdrop of changing fragrance dynamics, Khoury said, “those marketers who find a way to truly reconnect, to reestablish that emotional connection that fragrance has had in the past, have an opportunity to take their brands to new heights.” This, she said, requires a SWOT analysis of one’s portfolio, research, development and adaptation of new materials, molecules and technologies, and an understanding of consumer insights.

Khoury cited as an example the launch of Estée Lauder Sensuous, which “represented a significant evolution at many different levels.” The company did traditional market research, presenting the fragrance to a panel and partnered with an anthropologist who had researched the codes of sensuality in both the United States and France. “The resulting fragrance opened us up to an entirely new consumer … [However,] Estée Lauder’s use of market research depends on the brand. We wouldn’t launch an Estée Lauder scent without market research, but we don’t do consumer testing for Tom Ford Private Label or for Aerin Lauder’s Private Collection fragrances or for MAC. You need to balance it.”

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Ashli Hamilton, Laureen Schroeder, Amy Marks-McGee and Sheri Koetting.

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Amy Marks-McGee, Sheri Koetting, Anita Colby, Sherry Chan and Allison Gallo.

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