Do you believe F&F incubators are important? [1-Question Poll]

In late 2022 and early 2023, Firmenich, Robertet and Symrise announced F&F start-up ventures. Firmenich’s partnership with Canadabased, fragrance industry venture, Airzai was established to co-create to reinvent fragrance design through augmented creation based on neuroscientific research. Robertet’s startup accelerator, Villa Blu—which launched in March 2023—hosts 20 startups simultaneously catering to natural sectors including ingredients, fragrances, food flavorings, as well as health and well-being active ingredients. In early 2023, Symrise began a series A funding round for U.S. beauty incubator Ignite Venture Studio, allowing Symrise to expand investments in beauty/personal care startups, while driving fragrance and cosmetic ingredient innovation. This investment in F&F startups has the potential to lead to the next breakthrough in various industry segments.

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