Senior Perfumer

Job Location: New Delhi, India


Sacheerome Fragrances & Flavours is seeking a dedicated professional with a minimum 15-20 years of experience in modern perfumery technology and an awareness of global trends in the fragrance industry to lead its team of perfumers. The applicant will be expected to develop winning fragrances for the assigned categories and markets and assure timely submissions in line with global regulations.

Core Responsibilities

  • Develop various versions of fragrance formulas across category applications in line with creative vision and according to assigned client briefs in the different formats requested and reach key performance criteria.
  • As a technical, problem-solving perfumer, support other perfumers, application and evaluation teams in giving solutions with regards to stability, performance, quality and any other potential technical issues.
  • Work on the projects as assigned by evaluation, supporting the creative and technical perfumery teams.
  • Research and drive the fragrance direction and story behind the brand.
  • Proactively work on developing new molecules, stay abreast with current and new raw materials, focusing on improvements to performance and olfactive construction.
  • Optimizing team performance through excellent leadership, stretching goal setting, coaching and development.

Qualification & Skill Requirements:

  • Degree in chemistry or equivalent, preferred qualification from a recognized perfumery training institute like ISIPCA.
  • Strong communication, ability to explain creative strategy and process.
  • Experience in analytical equipment and interpretation of data such as GC and GCMS.
  • Keep track of current industry regulations (RIFM, IFRA, REACH etc).
  • Minimum 10 years of work experience, leadership qualities, ability for multi-cultural collaboration and strong communication skills (both written and verbal in English).

Salary & Package to match best.

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