Dominique Roques Launches Novel on Fragrance Development

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The book is a tribute to harvesters and producers of natural raw materials all over the world.

Dominique Roques, from Firmench, is launching his book titled Cueilleur d’essences.

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The book informs and educates readers on those who work in fragrance creation and development.

Cueilleur d’essences tells of Roques' encounters around the world, between reality and sensitiveness, in light of the challenges the fragrance industry will have to face in the future. Each chapter features a raw material and an emotional story.

The book is also a tool for all members of the fragrance business, as the reading is aimed at all ages and for a large audience.

Roques said, "One day in front of a frankincense tree, I realized my 30 years of sourcing the scents of the world had exposed me to the heritage of more than 30 centuries of perfumery. I decided to write this book as a tribute to all the people whose dedication, crafts & talents keep this unique fragrant journey going."

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