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Daniela Schmidt receiving award from DGP

Daniela Schmidt, drom, center, receives DGP's 2010 prize for best diploma thesis.

The Deutsche Gesellschaft der Parfümeure (DGP), or the German Society of Perfumers, recently recognized Daniela Schmidt, a member of drom Fragrance’s applications and product development division, at the SEPAWA, the Soap, Perfume and Detergent Experts Association conference for her diploma thesis work, which discussed gravimetric analysis (TGA) methods and through which she developed a TGA method that can determine the evaporation behavior of perfume oil, as well as predict the trend for the useful life of a resulting end product. Schmidt, who completed her studies in food technology at Weihenstephan University of Applied Sciences in March 2009, did her research on this in cooperation with drom, and this recognition—the 2010 award for best diploma thesis—also includes a prize of €2,000.