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Symrise’s Califormulations Dreams of Beverage Innovation

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Creating a beverage

Symrise has announced the launch of Califormulations, a dedicated suite of product development services for beverage entrepreneurs.  

Based out of Symrise’s Laguna Beach, CA beverage development center, the facility is a fully equipped beverage lab that specializes in rapid prototyping. Califormulations will be staffed by Symrise’s beverage technologists, who will have access to the company’s full portfolio of beverage flavors and technologies.

“The Califormulations concept gives beverage entrepreneurs access to a single-source partner with the expertise required to help them bring their ideas to life. Califormulations bundles rapid prototyping, full beverage formulation development and more – plus, of course, a winning collection of outstanding beverage flavors. In short, we are giving entrepreneurs access to knowledge, new technologies, purchasing scale and resources not normally available to new and emerging brands,” said Paul Graham, president of Symrise.