[Update] Sozio Announces Merger with Phoenix Fragrances

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Phoenix Fragrances will reinforce Sozio’s position in the fragrance industry and allow Phoenix to boost its development efforts.

Sozio, a French family-owned company specializing in the creation and production of fragrances compositions, has announced its merger with Phoenix Fragrances.

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With the merger, Sozio will strengthen its natural fragrance expertise and will reinforce its presence on the U.K's market. 

Tony Dalimore and Alan Parry, owners of Phoenix Fragrances, will continue to lead the management of Phoenix Fragrances, with input and assistance of the management team from Proxis Group and Sozio, as well as the operational teams from France.

To clarify, this does not pertain to U.S.-based Phoenix Aromas and Essential Oils, or their fragrance division. The two companies are not related.

Frederic Braud, general manager of Sozio, said, "Phoenix Fragrances integration fits in
perfectly with our strategic plan and confirms our determination to accelerate our growth on
the UK market. We will also expand our activities in the natural perfumery market and reduce
our costs through various synergies in purchasing and IT activities. We will boost investment
in Phoenix’s R&D laboratories and Production site to help the company to sustain its growth.
Meanwhile, due to the great awareness of Phoenix Fragrances in the UK market, we will keep the brand separate from Sozio. We are delighted to welcome Phoenix employees into the Sozio family as we are convinced that their enthusiasm and professionalism will contribute to our common future success."

Dalimore and Parry, of Phoenix Fragrances, said, "Based on its continuous growth, we felt the need to seek the support of a larger enterprise. It was clear from the very first meetings that there was a high degree of mutual empathy, understanding built around similar philosophies and a dedication to moving the respective business forward."

UPDATED 3/10/21: To reflect the clarification on the Phoenix Fragrance company.

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