Hershey Commits to Cocoa Sustainability

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A cocoa farmer

Photo provided by The Hershey Company

The Hershey Company has announced its investment of half-a-billion dollars in Cocoa for Good, a sustainability plan aimed at combatting poverty, poor nutrition and farming issues that affect cocoa farmers in West Africa.

In an effort to address the most pressing issues facing cocoa-growing communities and the lives of thousands of farmers in the region, the Cocoa for Good plan will address four key goals, which include:

  • Increasing access to quality nutrition for children and adults
  • Eliminating child labor and increase educational opportunities for youth
  • Improving household incomes for women and men
  • Zero deforestation and increase agroforestry by growing cocoa in shaded areas

“A sustainable cocoa supply depends on a multi-stakeholder collaborative approach to find solutions to the social, environmental and economic challenges facing cocoa-growing communities,” said Susanna Zhu, chief procurement officer. “As a critical player in the cocoa value chain, we are committed to doing our part. The Hershey Company has been partnering with key stakeholders in the cocoa sector for more than 100 years. Under Cocoa For Good, we continue to work toward a future where there’s a long-term, sustainable cocoa supply, the natural environment is protected, and we are creating better lives for everyone. It’s good for the cocoa farmers, families, communities, chocolate consumers and the success of our business.”