Givaudan Releases 2017 Sustainability Report

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Givaudan has reached its 2020 target for reducing water consumption three years ahead of schedule, the company announced.

The goal was one of a series of achievements the company outlined in its 2017 Sustainability Report. Another target, set in 2009, was to reduced per tonne global water consumption of production by 15% by 2020. Givaudan surpassed that target three years in advance, reducing global water consumption by 19.4% versus 2009.

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Along with covering progress already made, the 2017 Sustainability Report sets targets to reduce environmental impact and drive responsible sourcing in Givaudan’s supply chain.

Highlights of the report include:

  • A new approach to sustainability called A Sense of Tomorrow. Launched in October, A Sense of Tomorrow acknowledges the increasingly complex environmental and societal challenges posed by climate change, resource scarcity and poverty. The approach focuses on the company’s efforts in the areas of Sourcing for Shared Value; Innovating Responsibly; and Acting for Our Environment.
  • A facet of A Sense of Tomorrow includes targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Approved by the global science based targets initiative, these are aligned international efforts to restrict future climate warming to within the two-degree threshold.
  • The company has committed to ensuring that 90% of its raw materials volume of natural origin is responsible sourced by 2020.
  • The continued development of the SunThesis citrus ingredient collection, an alternative source of key raw materials to help relive pressure on scarce natural resources, and DreamScentz, a product promoting health and well-being via enhancing customer sleeping experiences.

“This has been a very important year for consolidating almost a decade of sustainability practice and setting our sights firmly on the future. A Sense of Tomorrow shows our relentless drive to further anticipate ever-evolving challenges and meeting our customers’ needs,” said head of global procurement and sustainability Willem Mutsaerts. “Delivering on our water target ahead of schedule reflects the dedication of our teams and that sustainability is at the heart of our activities. With that commitment and drive well established, Givaudan looks forward to inspiring future generations with unique flavors and fragrances and playing our part in the global effort to do what is right for the planet and society as a whole.”