Givaudan Holds 2018 Annual Meeting

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On March 22, 2018, Givaudan held its 2018 annual meeting, where they discussed 2017 financials and approved dividends.

The meeting was attended by 371 shareholders or proxies, representing 41.7% of total shares. All proposals by the board of directors were approved.

With 98.62% of votes the 2017 annual report, annual financial statements and the consolidated financial statement were approved. The company’s consultative basis compensation report was approved with 90.03% of votes.

A distribution of CHF 58.00 per share to holders was also approved; this is the seventeenth consecutive dividend increase following Givaudan’s listing at the Swiss stock exchange in 2000.

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Members of the board were discharged with 97.05% of votes. All current members were re-elected, each for a term of one year until the 2019 annual meeting, in accordance with the legal requirements and Givaudan’s Articles of Incorporation.

The board of directors includes:

  • Victor Balli
  • Ing Werner Bauer
  • Lilian Biner
  • Michael Carlos
  • Ingrid Deltenre
  • Calvin Grieder
  • Thomas Rufer

Balli and Deltenre were re-elected to the compensation committee for a term of one year. Additionally, Manuel Isler was re-elected as independent shareholder representative until 2019, and Deloitte SA was re-elected as auditors for the financial year of 2018, with Karine Szegedi Pingoud serving as lead auditor, partner.

Other approved items include:

  • Maximum aggregate amount of compensation of the Board of Directors of CHF 2,950,000 for the term until the 2019 annual general meeting (97.04% of the votes).
  • Aggregate amount of short-term variable compensation of the executive committee for the fiscal year 2017 of CHF 3,490,698 by 97.07% of the votes.
  • Maximum aggregate amount of fixed and long-term variable compensation of the executive committee for the fiscal year 2018 of CHF 17,000,000, by 91.77% of the votes.

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