FlavourVision's Virtual Connection with Customers

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Researching trends at coffee shop

Givaudan has announced new developments to enhance FlavourVision in celebration of the consumer trend program’s 10th anniversary.

The new edition of the FlavourVision program explores 250 market examples narrowed down into seven consumer trends. These trends connect food and beverage experiences with health, identity and satisfaction as a way for customers to develop more meaningful products and concepts from anywhere in the world.

Additionally, cultural researchers from around the world captured and shared market examples through a digital platform, which allows for consumer trends to be tracked.

“These developments represent a significant step forward for our customers offering greater granularity of insight,” said Marissa Barnes, global marketing head, Givaudan. “They need ideas that are relevant and actionable to take a future focused approach to product development. With FlavourVision, we link consumer trends to the most pressing food and beverage challenges and to our flavors and technical solutions. We connect the ‘wow’ with the ‘how’ for our customers in an effective, user-friendly way.”

Virtual connections with customers

Using TrendTreks, customers can get a virtual taste of the newest local restaurants’ menus, view the latest food and drink products on the shelves of local stores and learn about regional trends. Users can upload photos, comments and videos daily and to be shared in real time from any location.

“We are really excited by the new platform which allows us to see the day-to-day development of these trends at street level in regional markets across the world,” added Barnes. “This will allow us to give our customers both a top down view of the major trends influencing the market, complemented by an understanding of how this is playing out locally.”