Firmenich Announces Strong Growth in 2017 Fiscal Year

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Sustainable growth

Firmenich has announced strong results for its 2017 fiscal year, as it recorded CHF 3.34 billion in net sales and a positive growth of 4.4% in Swiss Francs.   

“This has been a year of strategic breakthroughs for Firmenich, driven by our cutting-edge innovation, award-winning creation and reinforced leadership in sustainability”, said Patrick Firmenich, chairman of the board, Firmenich. “I would like to extend my deepest thanks to Gilbert and his team for driving Firmenich’s excellence forward for our customers and society.”

Expanding Reach and Leading Innovation

Leading the growth was Firmenich’s commitment to expanding infrastructure and innovations. In the 2017 fiscal year, Firmenich announced over CHF 160 million investments in Geneva, Switzerland. The company opened a perfumery plant in November, which included plans to open a research facility in 2020. Additionally, it opened new facilities in Nigeria, Korea, Mexico, Singapore and the United States, in an effort to expand influence in those regions.  

Another strong growth factor for Firmenich is its innovations and creative solutions. Chief among them was Firmenich’s commitment to responsible nutrition. Firmenich has also made progress on reducing sugar, salt and fat in products, without compromising taste.

During the same period, Firmenich launched malodor-control technologies in partnership with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, in an effort to help solve the world’s sanitation crisis.

Improving Naturals and Sustainability

Firmenich has invested heavily in sustainable sources and environmental management projects. Firmenich took a majority stake in natural mint provider Essex Laboratories. The company was also recognized by for its responsible sourcing of patchouli in India with the Presidential Award.

Additionally, the company has continued its leadership in the area of environmental management. It has ranked highly in both the EcoVadis and CDP industry-ranking and was rated the best company in environmental management by CDP across the Switzerland, Germany and Austria region. 

“We owe our strong performance to the trust of our customers who inspire our teams to push our leading innovation and creativity forward every day”, said Gilbert Ghostine, CEO, Firmenich. “Building  on  our  commitment  to  the  UN SDGs, I am proud of how we put our expertise to work to address key societal challenges this year, such as improving access to sanitation and nutrition, while reinforcing our excellence in naturals and environmental management.”