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2014 World Perfumery Congress Session Spotlights and More

2014 World Perfumery Congress: Meet the Speakers
Experts in innovation & technology, key markets, ingredients, perfumery and more.
WPC Session Spotlight: "The Role of Packaging in the Sensory Experience of Products"
The impact of touch, scent, sound and performance.
WPC Session Spotlight: "Growth Markets: Africa & Middle East"
Luxury and frontier markets offer unique opportunities for the fragrance industry.
WPC Session Spotlight: "Growth Opportunities and Innovation in Fragrances"
Blurring categories, integrating fragrance into new categories and more.

Industry News | People News | Regulatory News

Perfumer & Flavorist March 2014 Issue Now Live
This month's issue explores inspired snacking: new bases, heat, flavor mashups and healthier options are expanding snack flavor horizons. Plus, sustainable vetiver and vanilla, food product innovation, Wilkinson Sword compounds and more.
Darom to Distribute Sirane Products in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus
Darom AS, established in 2005 in Lithuania, supplies food flavorings in The Baltic States and Belarus.
IFF Q4, Full-year Sales
Emerging market sales comprise 49% of annual sales.
Givaudan Launches iPerfumer App For NA Home Fragrance Market
iPerfumer Home, an app available on all iOS devices, works as a personal fragrance consultant guiding product choices and can also recommend the nearest major retail stores that stock users’ favorite home fragrances.

Flavor and Fragrance Trends | Research

NPD: Less Traditional Women's Fragrances Gaining More Attention
“Floral fragrances aren’t fading away, but less traditional scents are gaining more of the attention from female consumers than ever before,” said Karen Grant from The NPD Group.
Study: Imagined Odors Can Enhance Consumer Respose
A recent study in the Journal of Consumer Research explores the concept of olfactory imagery and the conditions under which imagining what a food smells like (referred as “smellizing” it) impacts consumer response.
Study Identifies Receptors Connecting Smell to Appetite When Fasting
A study has found that cannabinoid type-1 (CB1) receptors in the brain promote food intake in mice subjected to fasting and hunger by increasing odor detection.
Monell: Odor-Producing Chemicals in Earwax Differ Among Ethnicities
Scientists from the Monell Center have used analytical organic chemistry to identify the presence of odor-producing chemical compounds in human earwax.
Mintel Finds Consumers Using Fragrance to Enhance Beauty Rest
Mintel said more than six out of 10 women (64%) and more than half of men (51%) who use any scented item would be interested in fragrances that can be worn at night to help one sleep or refresh sheets.

Calendar of Events | Raw Material Bulletin

Updated: Industry Events Calendar
This week's events include: World Spice Congress (Cochin, India), SICC Presents "Perfume, Science and Art" (Milan, Italy), ASP Members and Apprentices Only Business Meeting (Wood-ridge, NJ).
Perfumer & Flavorist Raw Material Bulletin
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