September 2021

Table of Contents:

Fragrance Articles

Application of Gas-Liquid Chromatography to the Analysis of Essential Oils: Part 2

By M. J. Milchard, N. C. DaCosta, R. Esdale, L. Gates, P. MacCormick, P. Merle, G. Moran, N. Moss, D. A. Moyler, N. Owen, N. Roach, A. Sherlock, T.D. Smith, B. Starr, J. Webb and R. Wood

Profiles: Clement Francois

Kira Haslett

HPTLC Fingerprinting for Essential Oil Authenticity

Monika Baeumle, product manager TLC, MilliporeSigma; Matthias Nold, product manager reference materials MilliporeSigma; Ilona Trettin, application specialist, CAMAG; and Melanie Broszat, scientific business development manager, CAMAG

Forward Thinking: Candle Scent Trends & Seasonal Staples

Amy Marks-McGee

Finessing F&F Formulations

Jenna Rimensnyder