November 2020

Table of Contents:

Flavor Articles

Untapped Potential: Non-artificial Sweeteners in Savory Sauces

Nachi Adaikalavan, global new business development director, sugar reduction and taste modulation, DSM Food Specialties

Extracts: The Transparent Way to Deliver Deliciousness

Kevin Barasa, global product manager, extracts, Sensient Technologies

Betting on Biotech

Alex Mackenzie

Flavor Bites: Two Methyl Nonenoates

John Wright

Key Considerations for the Pet Market During Covid-19

Eddie Bulliqi, independent journalist

Playing With Aftertaste Through Flavor Sequencing

Eddie Bulliqi, independent journalist

Organoleptic Characteristics of Flavor Materials

Judith Michalski,Senior Flavorist, abelei flavors

Editor's Note: Savor the Moment

Eden Stuart

Fragrance Articles

In Silico Spectral Color and Appearance Rendering of Fine Fragrances

Rutger M.T. van Sleeuwen, materials science R&D, Firmenich

A Crucial Comeback: West Indian Bay Oil

Sean Farley, flavor and fragrance marketing, Berjé