March 2020

Table of Contents:

Flavor Articles

Keep the Flavor in the Toothpaste; Don’t Lose It to the Package!

Victoria Yeung, scientist, flavor technology; Mania Bankova, flavors and fragrances technology; and Catalina Monroy, worldwide director, flavors and fragrances, Colgate-Palmolive (Piscataway, NJ, US)

Editor's Note: Behind the Scenes

Eden Stuart

The End of ENDS?

Alex Mackenzie

Organoleptic Characteristics of Flavor Materials

Judith Michalski Senior Flavorist, abelei flavors

How to Select the Right Water Purification System for Your Lab

Stéphane Mabic, Ph.D., Milli-Q Lab Water Solutions, MilliporeSigma

Flavor Bites: Ethyl levulinate

John Wright

Fragrance Articles

The Natural Order

Haley Gershon, marketing manager, Beta Analytic

Schiff Base Shuffling: Paul Kiler’s New Work with Old Chemistry

Eddie Bulliqi

Innovation in Lab Energy Efficiency and Environmental Sustainability

Jesse Coiro, national sales manager, and Ken Crooks, director—Green Fume Hood Technology, Erlab