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June 2018

Table of Contents:

Flavor Articles

Editor's Note: Mint’s New Story

Deniz Ataman, Managing Editor, Perfumer & Flavorist

Flavor Bites: cis-3-Hexenyl 2-methyl butyrate

John Wright

The Mint Condition in Oral Care

Steve Pringle, Vice President of Global Mint and Sensates, Takasago International Corporation (USA)

Organoleptic Characteristics of Flavor Materials June 2018

Judith Michalski, Senior Flavorist, abelei flavors

Rediscovering the Mint Market

Deniz Ataman, Managing Editor, Perfumer & Flavorist

Fragrance Articles

Perfume Goes Genderless: The Rise of the Third Option

Ryan Daily, Assistant Editor, Perfumer & Flavorist

Other Articles

The Juice: Training the F&F Students of the Future

Pia Long, Director, Olfiction Ltd.