May 2018

Table of Contents:

Product Roundup

May 2018: Vanilla

Digital Exclusives/​Features

Scent & Spirit: Poisons, Potions and Perfumes

Alexis Palmer Karl

Flavor Articles

Labeling Vanilla Flavorings and Vanilla-Flavored Foods in the U.S.

John B. Hallagan and Joanna Drake, The Flavor and Extract Manufacturers Association of the United States.

Flavor Bites: Ethyl 3-methyl 2-oxo-pentanoate

John Wright, Flavorist & Flavor Consultant

Organoleptic Characteristics of Flavor Materials May 2018

Judith Michalski Senior Flavorist, abelei flavors

Fragrance Articles

Forward Thinking: Fierce Fragrances

Amy Marks-McGee, Trendincite LLC

Technology and the Future of Innovation in Our Industry

Jim Kavanaugh, Marketing Director, Bedoukian Research

Post-Gourmand: The Future of Sweetness

Eddie Bulliqi, fragrance journalist

F&F Literature Review: Fragrance Release

Rachel Grabenhofer, Managing Editor, Cosmetics & Toiletries

A Sense of Transformation

Deniz Ataman, Managing Editor, Perfumer & Flavorist