September 2011

Table of Contents:

Flavor Articles

Interesting WONF Ingredients

John Wright

Flavor R&D Frontiers

Jeb Gleason-Allured

Organoleptic Characteristics of Flavor Materials

Judith Michalski, Bell Flavors & Fragrances

The Last Word: Mariano Gascon and Kim Holman

Jeb Gleason-Allured

Fragrance Articles

Let There Be Light: 50 Years of Hedione

Jeb Gleason-Allured

The Sustainability Sweet Spot

Pierre-Jean Hellivan, Vigon International, Inc.

Pear Ester: Ethyl (E,Z)-2,4-decadienoate

Michael Zviely, CIC

Progress in Essential Oils

Brian M. Lawrence

Other Articles

Industry Snapshot: FEMA's 2011 Annual Convention

Jeb Gleason-Allured

What to Do When the Time Comes

Dietmar Hirt and Martin Kirchner, Conexus Capital Advisors Inc.; and John Vanarthos, Norris, McLaughlin & Marcus, P.A.

WFFC Honors Marks-McGee as Woman of the Year

Jeb Gleason-Allured

Implementing a China Strategy: A Report from FIC Shanghai 2011

Trevor Rahill, Focus International, LLC