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1996 Issues

November 1996

Cognitive Aspects of Perfumery

Flavor Changes in Plastic Containers: A Literature Review

Ethyl Methyl Phenyl Glycidate

The Composition of Bergamot Oil

October 1996

Naringin Extraction from Exhausted Bergamot Peels

Geranium Oil from Yunnan, China

Is Cineole Detrimental to Tea Tree Oil?

Extraction of 2-Phenylethyl Alcohol

July 1996

CharmAnalysis of Two Citrus sinensis Peel Oil Volatiles

On-Line HPLC-HRGC in the Analytical Chemistry of Citrus Essential Oils

Resettling Musk Deer: New Promise to Increase Musk Output

May 1996

Natural Aroma Chemicals from Oranges and Other Botanical Sources

Methods in Aromatherapy Research

Characterization of Italian Citrus Petitgrain Oils

Citrus Oil Recovery During Juice Extraction

March 1996

Investigating New Essential Oils: Rationale, Results and Limitations

Quantitative Relationships Between Structure and the Fruity Odor of Esters

Thoughts on Essential Oils and Aroma Chemicals for Flavors and Fragrance

January 1996

Amber Notes in Perfumery: Amber Perfumes, Compounds and Specialties

Chemical and Sensory Evaluation of Trace Compounds in Naturals