July 1993

Table of Contents:

Flavor Articles

Hydrolyzed Vegetable as a Flavoring Agent

Robert L. Swaine, Jr.

Flavors and Fragrances as Functional Ingredients

Dr. Brian J. Willis

Fragrance Articles

What Makes a Fragrance Substantive?

Peter M. Miller, Norbert Neuner-Jehle and Franz Etzweiler

The Search for New Active Agents

Dr. Giuseppe Salvadori

Aleuritic Acid in Perfumery and Pheromones

G.B.V. Subramanian and Kumar Hari Bhushan

Odor Analysis of (E)- and (Z)-3,7-Dimethyl-4-octen-l-ols and Their Derivatives

Czeslaw Wawrzenczyk, Roberl Obara, Jozef Gora