November 1992

Table of Contents:

Fragrance Articles

Commercial Perfumery and the Molecular Genetics of Olfaction

Avery N. Gilbert

Aromatic Chemicals from Heptaldehyde

Jozef Kula and Janina Wilczynska

Natural and Synthetic Musks in Perfumery

Danute Pajaujis Anonis

Perception of Characteristic Axillary Odors

Ahmet E. Baydar, Martin Petrzilka and Marie-Pierre Schott

A New Variant of the DieIs-Alder Reaction and Its Use in the Synthesis of Fragrance Materials

N.L.J.M. Broekhof, J.J. Hofma, H. Renes and C.S. Sell

Benzyl Alcohol

George S. Clark