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1992 Issues

November 1992

Commercial Perfumery and the Molecular Genetics of Olfaction

Aromatic Chemicals from Heptaldehyde

Natural and Synthetic Musks in Perfumery

Perception of Characteristic Axillary Odors

Reflections of a Retired Flavorist Before He Forgets: Lime

September 1992

Vanilla - A Requiem?

Allyl Isothiocyanate

High Resolution Gas Chromatography for Detection of Adulterations of Citrus Cold-Pressed Essential Oils

Tetrahydrofuran and Tetrahydropyran Derivatives as Odor Substances

TSCA and TSCA Compliance

July 1992

Para-Hydroxy Phenyl Butanone

Homofuronol: A Powerful Tool to Prepare and Improve Sophisticated High Quality Flavors

Sesquiterpenoids: The Lost Dimension of Perfumery

Synthesis of New Fragrances from Furfural

May 1992

Turkish Rose Oil

Reflections of a Retired Flavorist Before He Forgets: Strawberry

Fragrant Esters of 3-Cyclohexylbutanoic Acid

Essential Oils and Microwave Extracts of Cultivated Plants

March 1992

The Oxidative Stability and Retention of a Limonene-Based Model Flavor Plated on Amorphous Silica and Other Selected Carriers

Magnolia in Perfumery

Magnolia in Perfumery

Reflections of a Retired Flavorist Before He Forgets: Cocoa

An Application of Consumers to the Flavor Development Process

January 1992

Reflections of a Retired Flavorist Before he Forgets: Peach

Global Fragrances in Consumers Products: A Complicated Dilemma

Evolutionary Trends in Food and Flavors

Ingredient Substitutions How to Know When You've Made a Match

A Tribute to the Oldest American F&F House