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1991 Issues

November 1991

The Future of the Flavor Business

Computerized Laboratory Mixing Station for Perfume Oils

Natural Isolates from Seville Bitter Orange Tree

Reflections of a Retired Flavorist Before He Forgets: Raspberry

Report on the International Conference on the Psychology of Perfumery

September 1991

The Computer as the Perfumer's Helper

Broom (Genet) in Perfumery

The Essence of Creativity

Stability of Perfume Compositions in Alcoholic Lotions

Creation Perspectives of Perfumery in the Year 2000

July 1991

3-Cyclohexylpropanol and 3-Cyclohexylbutanal as Raw Materials for Fragrant Compounds

Cinnamic Aldehyde

Fragrance as a Trademark

Dynascone: The Ultimate Captive

Supercritical Fluid Extraction of Natural Raw Materials for the Flavor and Perfume Industry

May 1991

Olfaction Sensitivity in Sleep: The Effects of Fragrances on the Quality of Sleep

Water-Soluble Fractions of the Essential Oils

March 1991

A Critical Review on the Chemical Composition of Citrus Oils

A Continuous Stream Stripping Process for the Distillation of Essential Oils

Fragrant Esters of 3-Cyclohexyl-1-propanol and 3-Cyclohexyl-1-butanol

Ethyl Butyrate

Odor Experience as an Affective State: Effects of Odor Pleasantness on Cognition

January 1991

3,6-Dimethyl Octan-3-ol

Citrus Petitgrain Oils of Israel

Musk Alcohols

Attars of India - A Unique Aroma

GRAS Flavor Chemicals - Detection Thresholds