January 1988

Table of Contents:

Flavor Articles

Biotechnology: Approaching a Critical Mass

Gabriel S. Sinki

Fragrance Articles

Cassie (Acacia) in Perfumery

Danute Pajaujis Anonis,

Company Training of Perfumers —Part 1

Dr. Wladyslaw S. Brud, Barbara Tocylowska-Kucharczyk, MSC, and Zygmunt Marczewski, MSC

Pattern Recognition Methods for Discrimination of Essential Oils (Rose Oils) by Their Gas Chromatograms

N. Dimov, A. Tsoutsoulova, E. Stojanov

Syntheses and Odor Characteristic of Beta-Terpinyl Esters

Janina Kaminska and Jozef Gora,

A Primer on Perfuming Polymers-Part II

Martin Meder