October 1988

Table of Contents:

Flavor Articles

An Aroma Chemical Profile: Menthol

George S. Clark

Heterocyclic Trace Components in the Essential Oil of Coriander

D. Lamparsky and 1.Klimes

Production of Rosemary Oleoresin Using Supercritical Carbon Dioxide

Fernando Tateo, Maurizio Fellin, Ennio Verderio

Fragrance Articles

Aroma Chemicals and Citrus Oils

Mans H. Boelens and Francisco Valverde

Essential Oils Of Tagetes minuta From Brazil

A. A. Craveiro, F. J. A. Mates, M. I. L. Machado and J. W. Alencar

Oakmoss and Treemoss in China

Prof. Desheng Ding

State of the Fragrance Industry: Socialist Countries and Eastern Bloc

Dr. G.C. Pietzsch