December 1988

Table of Contents:

Flavor Articles

Citrus Oils: Processing, Technology, and Applications

R. L. Swaine, R. L. Swaine, Jr.

Rosmarinus officinalis L. Extract Production Antioxidant and Antimutagenic Activity

F. Tateo, M, Fellin, L. Santamaria, A. Bianchi, L. Bianchi

Fragrance Articles

The Creative Edge

Carlos Benaim

Company Training of Perfumers—Part II

Dr. Wladyslaw S. Brud, Barbara Toczylowska-Kucharczyk, MSC, and Zygmunt Marczewski MSC

The Time Machine of Dreams

Sharon K. Christie

Impact of Fragrance Changes on the Asian and Pacific Region

G. J. B. Landers