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1988 Issues

January 1988

Biotechnology: Approaching a Critical Mass

Cassie (Acacia) in Perfumery

Company Training of Perfumers - part 1

Pattern Recognition Methods for Discrimination of Essential Oils (Rose Oils) by their Gas Chromatograms

Syntheses and Odor Characteristics of Beta-Terpinyl Esters

February 1988

Consumer Exposure to Chemically Defined Flavoring Substances

Stability of Beverage Flavor Emulsions

Composition of Vietnamese Essential Oil from Melaleuca Leucadendron L.

Olibanum in Focus

China's Largest Comprehensive Perfumery

April 1988

New Perfume Materials

Fragrance for Today-and Tomorrow?

June 1988

Musk Aroma Chemical Industry

The Creative Perfumery Competition

Four Decades as a Perfumer-Comments by a Contrarious Curmudgeon

Gas Chromatography as a Tool for the Perfumer

Fragrance: "A Celebration of Scensations"

August 1988

Sweet Pea (Pois de Senteur) in Perfumery

Bois de Rose Oil: A Glimpse into the Past


New Age Fashion, Fragrance and Cosmetics

State of the Fragrance Industry in North and South America

October 1988

Aroma Chemicals and Citrus Oils


Essential Oils of Tagetes minuta From Brazil

Oakmoss and Treemoss in China

Heterocyclic Trace Components in the Essential Oil of Coriander

December 1988

The Creative Edge

Comapny Training of Perfumers - Part II

The Time Machine of Dreams

Impact of Fragrance Changes on the Asian and Pacific Region

Citrus Oils: Processing, Technology, and Applications