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1985 Issues

October 2016

Bulgarian Zdravetz Oil

The Litman Aromatek Apparatus

The Essential Oil from Romarinus officinalis L.

Comparative Study of the Essential Oils of Key and Persian Limes

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August 1985

The Application of Flavors to Extruded Products

Report of the Scientific Evaluation and Coordination Committee

Perfumery Techniques in Evolution - II

May 1985

Aggressive New Product Introductions- A Necessity in a Mature Market

Organosilicon Fragrances

History and the Name Game: It Makes Scents

Breakthrough Creativity and Psychographics

Perfumery: Evolution of its Technoques- Part I

April 1985

Aroma Chemicals from Alkyl Halides

Solubility Behavior and Fractionation of Essential Oils in Dense Carbon Dioxide

Perfumery Notes- Chypre

February 1985

The Flavor of Food- How Natural is Natural?

Spray Drying of Food Flavors. III. Optimum Infeed Concentrations for the Retention of Artificial Flavors

Neroli in Perfumery

Aroma Constituents of Blackcurrant Buds (Ribes nigrum L.)

January 1985

The Composition of Blackcurrant Absolute (Ribes Nigrum

New Constituents in Olibanum Resinoid and Essential Oil

Human Primary Odors

Aroma Properties of Some Alkylthiazoles

Essential Oils and Aroma Chemicals from Eucalyptus Globulus Labill