August 1984

Table of Contents:

Flavor Articles

Flavor Futures—Through the Crystal Ball

Henry G. Walter, Jr

Consumption Ratio and Food Predominance of Flavoring Materials-Second Cumulative Series

Dr. Jan Stofberg, Dr. Friedrich Grundschober

Aroma Properties of Some Oxazoles

Qi Zhang Jin, Guy J. Hartman and Chi-Tang Ho

Fragrance Articles

A Preliminary Analysis of Some Lavender and Lavandin Cultivars

A. O. Tucker, M. J. Maciarello and J, T. Howell

Perfumes—and Perfumery

Maurice Maurin

Unsaturated Components in the Essential Oil of Anthemis nobilis L. (Roman Chamomile)

I. Klimes and D. Lamparsky

A Rapid Test for the Identification of Incense Resins

Elizabeth M. Hairfield, Hampton H. Hairfield, Jr., Lundy H. Pentz