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1983 Issues

October 1983

Gardenia in Perfumery

The Investigator and the Perfumer

The Physiologist and the Perfumer

A Simple Synthesis of 9-Ketodihydro-a-damascone

August 1983

Simple Methods of Odor Quality Evaluation of Essential Oils and Other Fragrant Substances

The Biochemistry and Psychology of Perfumery

Modern Perfumery Chemicals: BSP Symposium Report

Molecular Surface Analysis: A Computer Assisted Search for Structure-Odor Relationship

Analysis as an Aid to Perfumery or Who Needs Perfumers Anyway?

June 1983

Fragrance & Music Creation - An Entertaining Analogy

What Makes a Successful Fragrance Launch

Chemical Investigation of Essential Oil of Abutilon Indicum

Vetiver Hybrid Clones

Developments in Flavors and Flavorings

April 1983

9th International Congress of Essential Oils - Report

Evaluation of Curcumin

Effects of Structural Modications on the Odor of Jasmone Analogues

The Flavor of Milk

February 1983

Chemistry/Technology Section Synthesis and Substitutes for Essential Oils

Utilization of Essential Oil Isolates and Aroma Chemicals Section

January 1983

Formation of Volatile Compounds from the Reaction of Leucine and D-Glucose in Propylene Glycol

Bulgarian Lavender and Bulgarian Lavender Oil

Fragrances Through Hydrochlorination of Terpenes